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My very slowly growing gallery!:)
Some of my photo's are posted as stock, but not all of them. Check what category they're in first before using them.
Just give me credit if you decide to use them, and drop a comment once it's finished!:D


Art by amazing artists
There's a lot in there, don't get lost!


Swallow the moon by DiardiWolf
Swallow the moon
I doubt I even need to explain which Norse mythological figure this refers to.

Just a freehand scribble on a small piece of printer paper.
I was doubting whether or not to just throw this into an "art dump" but I liked it enough to upload it separately. This was actually just a concept doodle of sorts to see whether the composition works. The perspective of the teeth and such also makes no sense here so I might fix that if I ever get around drawing it again.
Maybe I'll make a Sköll piece to accompany it eventually.

Micron pen size 0.1, Rötring tikki graphic pen size 0.02 and Staedtler ink pen size 0.05 on printer paper.
Honeyed words by DiardiWolf
Honeyed words
Your flowery language won't reach any ears.
Your purple prose won't tug heartstrings anymore.  
Your honeyed words can't save you now.

Random word-drivel inspired by the fox which is ofen represented as a trickster. Kind of hard to do so when in skull form I suppose.  

Testing new colored pencils as well as trying to get better at using real life reference. Worked on this for about six or seven hours yesterday.
I'm not entirely sure what inspired this drawing though. I just got a random bout of inspiration and felt like I had to draw this so I did. It surprisingly came out nearly exactly like I intended for a change.
I'm also aware that the honeycomb perspective is several miles off. I drew it this way only for artistic purposes.:p
I recently finally found a complete fox skull at a curiosities shop after looking for one for ages (because I don't buy those kinds of things online - there's no story or patience that way). It was pure luck on a day where I was feeling like I reached rock bottom in terms of luck, and it took me five years overall of skimming flea markets, garage sales, antique/thrift stores and second hand shops to finally find one purely by chance.

I must hurry now and try to finish more stuff before Sunday. D:

Staedler ink pen size 0.05, Staedtler colored pencils.
Dream Whale Lineart by DiardiWolf
Dream Whale Lineart
Finally, art! And it's not of a canine animal!:noes:
Starting this Sunday my free time will be over again, and I'll probably become even more inactive than I have been the past year. Sometimes I wonder whether I shouldn't let this account die quietly because quite frankly I don't feel like I have the time to maintain it properly when life becomes more demanding. Also, the new public tag system isn't helping though the suggestions are pretty hilarious.  

Anyway, this is based on a whale-like creature from a dream I had. It was more like a mix between a whale, a crocodile and a huge eel. the tiny stick figure is for size comparison. There were many of these creatures in the ocean in the dream, and this one was one of the smaller ones. The biggest ones were the size of islands.  

Staedtler ink pen size 0.05 on paper.
Veritas by DiardiWolf
I've been so swamped with everything lately. I finished this drawing last morning after working on it for nearly a month during breaks. I still haven't finished any of the other stuff I've been working on for even longer.
I'm currently also dealing with some health issues which is why I've been mostly absent here. I'll probably remain idle and fall behind with answering comments and such as is the ususal. I did see them though, and I'll get around answering the important ones.

I imagined the pearl represented the lifespan of something (or dogs maybe?) while the thing holding it could be some weird metaphor for the randomized events of fate that definitely influence it. The bowl the dog is holding is filled with wine. If you're familiar with Roman history, you probably know what happens when pearls are left in there. The design and trinkets are based on stuff I sometimes see in dreams.

Drawing made with a Staedler ink pen size 0.05. Since I still have no scanner nor Photoshop, the sepia effect and sharpness/lighting/contrast fixes were done with Word because it's the only thing I have right now which allows for some minor editing.:p I also didn't want to upload another black and white thing, so now it at least looks a bit more colorful.
Since lighting and minor contrast changes were the only kind of editing I did for non-digital pieces, it's a surprisingly well-working alternative and I'm surprised I didn't think of it earlier.
MS Paint doggies by DiardiWolf
MS Paint doggies
Gah, what category should I put this in...

My current laptop has no Photoshop, so instead I now doodle around in paint.

these are all mousedrawn in an attempt to cheer myself up somewhat. Didn't work; got even more bad luck and serious issues piled up to the ones I already had. This time I'll be going under the knife unexpectedly.
Ah well. I'm not too worried, it's just that both the timing and prospect of it really suck.

I suppose you can kinda see which breeds they were supposed to represent even though I did tone down some of the colors so that they were less harsh.

Maybe I'll make more of them and send them to people owning dogs of certain breeds. Might cheer them up more than me.
Boring background is boring, but it made them stand out more than the lighter colors or white.

Might be moved to scraps later.


The feather hunter
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I'm just a random caffeine-addicted, semi-nocturnal hobbyist located somewhere in Germania Inferior who prefers using traditional media and occasionally makes crafts. I sometimes upload photography, though it happens somewhere between rare and never lately.
Currently I don't have much time for any kind of art, so large projects are either out of the question entirely or take months to finish.
I'm not much that much of a commenter anymore either, and regularly forget about replying too.

I am fine with critiques on my work, though only on the most recent stuff or things that aren't in my scraps (which are there for a reason). So if you have any suggestions/advice, feel free to comment.

English is also not my first language (my fourth, officially speaking) and I actually hardly ever need it outside of the internet or when reading English novels, so typos or kind of weird sentence structures do happen even though I try to avoid them as much as I can.


Dem cheap icon stamps which kinda fit me
:iconpisces1plz::iconpisces2plz::iconimmortalstamp1::iconimmortalstamp2:: :iconmorningstamp1plz::iconmorningstamp2plz:
:iconfavnrun1plz::iconfavnrun2plz::iconsuynjplz1::iconsuynjplz2: :icongreekmythologystamp1::icongreekmythologystamp2:
:iconspidersstamp1::iconspidersstamp2::iconmo-lovecats1plz::iconmo-lovecats2plz: :icontigerstamp:

Smile Stamp by Tibb-WolfThylacine Pawprint Stamp by WildSpiritWolfEthiopian wolf stamp by TollerkaCoyote Stamp by DroemarAnti Stamp by Anti-Dark-HeartTaxidermy IS Art Stamp by Lupen202Wolfs by paramoreSUCKSSilly God by paramoreSUCKSUseless knowledge by paramoreSUCKSWapanese by paramoreSUCKSDhole stamp by TollerkaI love Magpies by WishmasterAlchemistLeather vs. Fur by alaska-is-a-huskyGray Wolves Are Not Endangered by alaska-is-a-huskyAnimal Rights by alaska-is-a-huskySilently Judging You by alaska-is-a-huskyDon't Pray for Me by alaska-is-a-huskyI Pick Up Roadkill by alaska-is-a-husky:thumb203450628:If meat is murder by iho-ja-luuStamp - Belgian Malinois by MauserGirlResponsible Hunting - Stamp 02 by vonStamps:thumb213435254:Anti-Peta stamp by the-suns-moon:thumb193630874::thumb306519981:Freaking Airport Stamp by chibi22The Procrastination Stamp by BusirisSushi Love Stamp by chikaex0ticaConverse ALLSTAR Stamp by Wasted14Villains Rule XII by renatalmarstamp :: Cappuccino by sequelleMythology Freak Stamp by kuro-stampsStamp: History Geek by spiffingsailorAncient History Stamp by HeavenlyCondemnedhistory channel stamp by keysanDisorder Stamp by 13ulbasaurArchery by WolfcatStamps


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