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My very slowly growing gallery!:)
Some of my photo's are posted as stock, but not all of them. Check what category they're in first before using them.
Just give me credit if you decide to use them, and drop a comment once it's finished!:D


Art by amazing artists
There's a lot in there, don't get lost!


Pick Your Poison by DiardiWolf
Pick Your Poison
A fairly simple drawing I started and finished in a few hours.

The flowers in between the teeth are wolfsbane, also  known as monkhood, which is poisonous. I added it because I found it fitting with the dog skull.
The other flowers are of soy beans and lupine, which are both very popular foodstuffs. Despite soy being found in virtually every kind of food out there, soy allergies are one of the most common ones on the face of the planet, which for those suffering from such an allergy and/or intolerance might as well make it a kind of poison. Hence the composition.
It makes finding edibles in stores not containing it some kind of Heroic Quest as well, involving loads and loads of label-reading, double-checking, and occasionally being sick from something not being labeled correctly. Going out for any kind of dinner also is often like playing Russian roulette with your health.
As a side-note, because many soy-derived fats, oils etc are processed so heavily they are (in theory) indistinguishable from other heavily processed animal/other plant fats and the likes, producers don't need to label the origin of the soy, which in 90% of all cases, both in the US and Europe, are derived from GMO crops. 

All of the flowers being purple was as coincidence as I didn't know their color until I looked them up. The blueberries are there because I was eating those and because I like blueberries. A lot.

Staedtler colored pencils and black ballpoint pen on paper, with a few touchups of Derwent Colorsoft pencils.
Coffee trader guard by DiardiWolf
Coffee trader guard
Another one of my characters for a story. I liked this inked drawing enough to upload it seperately.

This fellow is a dog of the mastiff type, but not of any breed in particular. In the past, coffee was monopolized by the region it originated from and all the exported beans were roasted first to sterlize them so that nobody could plant their own coffee crops elsewhere and compete on the market. The first coffee plant seeds to be grown elsewhere were reportedly smuggled for this reason.
I based this character off of that. He was the leader of a band of mercenaries who swore their allegiance to whoever paid the most. They also acted as bodyguards for merchants with no questions asked as to what they traded as long as they had coin.
He eventually grew older and quit out of fear of being overthrown by the younger members of his group and left them before that could happen.
Despite being big, he's not a very efficient fighter when dealing with smaller and more agile foes and mainly uses his brute strenght, stamina and weight to beat his opponents.
This is him in his younger days as well. By the time he "retires", he's lost most of both ears, has more wrinkles and generally looks more battered.

Staedtler pigment liner 0.05 on A5 bamboo paper (though I used less than half the page.)
Honeyed words II by DiardiWolf
Honeyed words II
This was actually started and finished in October 2014.
I wasn't satisfied at all with one of my previous drawings titled "honeyed words", but I did like the concept. So I drew it again, only this time a bit differently.
I also have no idea for original titles anymore, so I'm just recycling a previous one.

This is still what I like drawing best: ink drawings that make little sense but are full of little things and details in an almost horror vacui fashion.

The dog was supposed to be a character for a story of mine, but I threw in a lot of things based on dreams in there as well along with several concepts of previous drawings which I wanted to draw again.
I had this drawing and a pencase with me for nearly a full month so that I could work on it whenever I had a scrap of time. I think I emptied about two entire pigment liners while working on this.
I might draw more stuff like these in the future too.

Staedtler pigment liner 0.05/0.1 and Rötring tikki graphic 0.2 on A4 paper.
character sketches by DiardiWolf
character sketches
Man, it's been ages since I uploaded anything here!
Between several month-long internet issues as well as not drawing much in general I finally found some time to upload stuff. And I recently discovered how the new scanner works, hurray!

So, these are some characters for story ideas and such from my sketchbook.

Most of these characters are based on dog breed mixes, old depictions and descriptions and old forms of dog breeds which differed greatly in morphology, traits and coloring. Some of the stories take place before dog breeds came into existence so it makes little sense to make them carbon-copies of today's dogs.
Most of them will probably still be adapted and changed around as these are mainly a few first brainstorming ideas.  

Staedtler pigment liners and Staedtler colored pencils on bamboo paper.
Swallow the moon by DiardiWolf
Swallow the moon
I doubt I even need to explain which Norse mythological figure this refers to.

Just a freehand scribble on a small piece of printer paper.
I was doubting whether or not to just throw this into an "art dump" but I liked it enough to upload it separately. This was actually just a concept doodle of sorts to see whether the composition works. The perspective of the teeth and such also makes no sense here so I might fix that if I ever get around drawing it again.
Maybe I'll make a Sköll piece to accompany it eventually.

Micron pen size 0.1, Rötring tikki graphic pen size 0.02 and Staedtler ink pen size 0.05 on printer paper.


DiardiWolf's Profile Picture
The feather hunter
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I'm just a random caffeine-addicted, semi-nocturnal hobbyist located somewhere in Germania Inferior who prefers using traditional media and occasionally makes crafts. I sometimes upload photography, though it happens somewhere between rare and never lately.
Currently I don't have much time for any kind of art, so large projects are either out of the question entirely or take months to finish.
I'm not much that much of a commenter anymore either, and regularly forget about replying too.

I am fine with critiques on my work, though only on the most recent stuff or things that aren't in my scraps (which are there for a reason). So if you have any suggestions/advice, feel free to comment.

English is also not my first language (my fourth, officially speaking) and I actually hardly ever need it outside of the internet or when reading English novels, so typos or kind of weird sentence structures do happen even though I try to avoid them as much as I can.


Dem cheap icon stamps which kinda fit me
:iconpisces1plz::iconpisces2plz::iconimmortalstamp1::iconimmortalstamp2:: :iconmorningstamp1plz::iconmorningstamp2plz:
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:iconspidersstamp1::iconspidersstamp2::iconmo-lovecats1plz::iconmo-lovecats2plz: :icontigerstamp:

Smile Stamp by Tibb-WolfThylacine Pawprint Stamp by WildSpiritWolfEthiopian wolf stamp by TollerkaCoyote Stamp by Droemar:thumb183016811:Taxidermy IS Art Stamp by Lupen202Wolfs by paramoreSUCKSSilly God by paramoreSUCKSUseless knowledge by paramoreSUCKSWapanese by paramoreSUCKSDhole stamp by TollerkaI love Magpies by WishmasterAlchemistLeather vs. Fur by alaska-is-a-huskyGray Wolves Are Not Endangered by alaska-is-a-huskyAnimal Rights by alaska-is-a-huskySilently Judging You by alaska-is-a-huskyDon't Pray for Me by alaska-is-a-huskyI Pick Up Roadkill by alaska-is-a-husky:thumb203450628:If meat is murder by iho-ja-luuStamp - Belgian Malinois by MauserGirlResponsible Hunting - Stamp 02 by vonStamps:thumb213435254:Anti-Peta stamp by the-suns-moon:thumb193630874::thumb306519981:Freaking Airport Stamp by chibi22The Procrastination Stamp by BusirisSushi Love Stamp by chikaex0ticaConverse ALLSTAR Stamp by Wasted14Villains Rule XII by renatalmarstamp :: Cappuccino by sequelleMythology Freak Stamp by kuro-stampsStamp: History Geek by spiffingsailorAncient History Stamp by HeavenlyCondemnedhistory channel stamp by keysanDisorder Stamp by 13ulbasaurArchery by WolfcatStamps


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